Barge Day: Island Shopping Spree

I live on an island.  Sounds incredible and romantic, right?

Yes.  You’re absolutely right.

But, it does come with its own unique challenges.  Going to town means scheduling a boat with our camp office, and getting all the girls in life jackets.  When we land in town, I have a stroller, three toddlers, and no car.  I’m maxed out at about 6 bags of groceries.

So when I heard we were getting a barge, I decided to go on a Home Depot shopping spree.Shopping at Home Depot...

I’ll save you all the background info on my awesome organic horticulture schooling, and skip right to the part where I tell you I’m making over the camp garden.  So, obviously, I needed poop.

Any organic gardeners out there?  You know what I’m talking about.

I promptly ordered 70 bags.

Barge Day

Barge day is a big deal here, because we have to time everything just right in order to get the most bang for our buck.  Not only do we want to make use of all the deck space on DSC_0149the way here, but we want to make use of it all on the way back.  So, we gather everything from all over camp that we need to get rid of, and organize it all down by the beach.

While our crew is pruning palms and clearing closets, the office is placing orders for food and supplies, and scheduling propane trucks.

My Order

Ordering pallets of garden supplies from Home Depot is literally a dream come true for me.

I have a passion for heirloom, organic produce, and I’ve been working on our camp garden so we can grow our own food.  Like I said, getting groceries, especially produce, is very difficult when you have to travel by boat.  So having a vegetable plot would be incredible.

Our soil is so dry and lacking in organic material that I knew I needed compost if I wanted a good harvest.  So, I ordered steer manure from Home Depot.  I also ordered chicken manure, a hose, 12 bags of potting soil, 30 pots, a watering wand, and 100′ of bird netting.

The Delivery

DSC_0226By 7:45, we were all in our Adirondack chairs sipping coffee, watching the tugboat pull DSC_0249the fruits of our shopping spree closer to shore.  Once they landed, there was a frenzy of unloading, sorting, and reloading, with propane trucks and dumpsters and tractors in a mad rush to be done before lunchtime.

DSC_0303My pallets of materials were delivered to the garden later that afternoon, and the staff in the nearby cabin were not happy about the smell.  However, I’m certain they will get over it when they taste sun-ripened, organic Black Krim tomatoes (thank you Seed Savers!)

Now, my project is to actually use a pallet full of manure while allowing three toddlers to “help” me.  And also, I have to figure out how to garden on a desert island.

I’ll keep you updated!


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