“I want to help!” How Raising Toddlers Teaches Me About God

Moms, have you ever had a moment?  Like, a moment where there’s chocolate syrup dripping from the ceiling, and your toddler is eating from the trash, and the baby will




And you just have to take a moment?

imag0120.jpgI remember a moment of mine last year, where I spent nearly half an hour getting my younger daughter to sleep, and I was so looking forward to some quiet time.  On my way to the living room, my toddler, Bella, popped up from behind the couch and said,

“Sorry, mommy.”

Part of me wanted to ignore whatever potential mess was behind the couch.  But, I knew I couldn’t.  Besides, how bad could it be?

Clearly, the toddler years were new for me.img_20180918_110204.jpg

I had not one, not two, but seven dozen eggs in the fridge about 45 minutes prior.  I now had 7 dozen eggs on my kitchen floor.

It’s fine.  This will be fine.  I will be fine.  

I tell my daughter to follow me to the tub so she can clean up while I take care of the eggs.  Silly me for assuming she would follow.  I get to the bathroom and turn on the water, but she’s not there.

I walk back out to the kitchen and there she is, with my entire pile of freshly washed towels, cleaning up 7 dozen eggs- with a gallon of milk.

“Mommy.  I am helping.”

Cue the baby crying.

And this, moms, is where I had my moment.

I had a lot of time to reflect as I cleaned up that mess.  I believe the parent/child relationship gives us a unique insight into God’s character, and how we relate to Him.

I have a hard time trusting God with parts of my life.  There are some things I’ve come to just completely rely on Him for, and there are others that I would rather handle.

Then, there are some I like to “help” Him with.DSC_0078

I think you can see where I’m going with this.

I make bigger messes as an adult than I ever did as a child.  And off I go like a good little Christian to hand them over to God.

Except, I don’t fully trust Him, and soon I decide that God must need my help “down here” to set things right.

Who am I kidding?  Who am I to be God’s assistant?  Who am I to think He can’t handle whatever I ask Him to handle?  Who am I to hide things from Him in the first place?  Do I honestly think there are aspects of my life where I’m more qualified than God to be in control?

Now, I’m not saying God doesn’t have a plan that involves input on my end.  If Bella had come to me asking what she could do to help, I could have given her a role in cleaning up.  But, instead, she took things into her own hands on her own understanding, and it made everything worse.

I do that.

And I honestly hit my knees that night because I was so frustrated with the whole situation.  It made me realize how incredible God is to continue to be my loving Father as I continue to fall so short.

I gained a lot of perspective on that day.  I was humbled as I realized how much greater God is in His wisdom than I ever could be in mine.  I grew in my ability to trust, or at least to begin to try to trust.  And I will always be grateful for that monumental mess, because it deepened my understanding and relationship with Him.

For I, the LORD your God, hold your right hand; it is I who say to you, “Fear not, I am the one who helps you.”Read more at http_www.beliefnet.comfaithschristianityart

Ok, moms, have you ever had a moment?  Share below!

*The opinions I express on my blog are mine.

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