Mom Blog: Sharing Time

We all want to wake up to our WordPress accounts in the morning to a notification like:

Congratulations!   You have 1,379,094,948,395 new followers!

I mean, I want that.  Of course, that’s not all I want, nor is it my main objective.  But, it would be nice to be appreciated.

I haven’t been mom-blogging for long, but I know some of you out there are tracking with me.

I’m learning how to link-up as we speak ( is an awesome feature, by the way!).  And act fast- this opportunity is only available for the next six years!

So, without further adieu, moms, please share your blogs (I’ll read, follow, like, and comment on each one).

Make sure you comment when you’ve added yourself to the list~!

*When you’re finished, this will send you to an online collection of entries

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