Don’t Be A Blog Mommer

Hello, and welcome to Take Your Own Advice day.

As I’ve mentioned before, this blog is not my first rodeo.  I’ve been lured into the black hole of the blogosphere before.

So today, a word of advice to all you mom-bloggers out there:

Don’t be a blog mommer


What’s a blog mommer?

Glad you asked.

Let’s start with…

What’s a mom blogger?

Perfect.  Now we can construct a logical, persuasive blog post.

A mom blogger is what all of us moms with blogs aspire to be.  We want to have Pinterest-ready birthday parties, Twitter-worthy toddler quips, Insta-fantastic photo ops, and… Facebook is outdated.

We want to add valuable, unique, and relevant content to the parenting world.  I think we all want that viral post that shows the world how truly awesome our mothering skills are.

Or, maybe you want to go a more realistic route and show the messy, raw, realistic side of parenting.  The one where you got your first uninterrupted six minutes of sleep last night, and you’re celebrating by drinking hot coffee and showering on the same day.

When we get right down to it, a mom blogger is a woman who writes about her adventures, mistakes, and total wins as a mom.

So… what’s a blog mommer?

If you put your blog before being a mom, you might be a blog mommer.

And, I’m not judging.

It usually goes something like this,

“I need to do something cute and super-mom-esque for my blog today.  Let’s go on a hike!”

So, I drag the girls outside, take them on a hike, take a couple cute pictures, and *bam*. Blog post.  Nailed it.

See, for a mom blogger, it would go something like this:

“It’s a beautiful day for a hike.  I’m going to take the girls on a hike.”  Then, as we hike, I snap some awesome pictures of my awesome kids.

Later, as I sit at my computer ready to shower my abundance of parenting gold down on readers everywhere, I decide I could talk about great ideas for P.E. for homeschooling, and feature our afternoon hike.

Let’s get one thing straight

If I were to name one single, obnoxious, frustratingly-accurate characteristic of myself, it would be the slight tendency to be a blog mommer.  I can’t help it.

In our modern age of short attention spans, filter-perfect families, and millions of writers vying for attention, it’s tough not to eek as much postage from a moment as possible.  When you become a writer, you see opportunity at every turn.  It’s impossible to shut that off.

But, standing out from the crowd requires authenticity.  You want to be a mom blogger?  Great.  Be a mom.  Then write about it.

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