My Mission: #IslandTimeParenting

I binge blogged.  I did everything I told myself not to do.

It is so difficult not to read “How To Get More Instagram Followers” and “Top 5 Blog Post Ideas” and not dive into the abyss that is becoming Insta-famous.

I’ve regrouped.  I’ve chilled out.  And now, I’m on a mission.

I’m going to do this mom blog thing the right way.  The way that will probably keep me hovering at 200 Instagram followers.  The way that gets me excited over double-digit likes on a post.

Let me introduce you to my custom hashtag mission statement:


Basically, I’m going to put the time and energy I would spend on social media engagement, and use it on tiny toddler engagement.  I’m going to stroll, not scroll.  Relax.  Walk barefoot.  Parent on island time.

And, I’m inviting you to join.

Ladies, let’s streamline.

Our Instagram accounts are getting ridiculous.  You know that amazing feeling when you go through your closet, and you get rid of everything you don’t absolutely love?  Less laundry, less folding, less stress.

Let’s do that.

Here’s my new plan:

I’m scheduling everything.  Between Tailwind and WordPress, I can do all my work in one morning.

I’m picking one thing per week to write about.  One theme for Instagram.  One topic for Twitter.  In reality, I should do this regardless; I should have a concrete, consistent presence.

I’ll respond to readers before bed, and take pictures throughout the week with my kids.  They love taking pictures, so this counts as quality time for us 🙂

Realistic outlook

In all honesty, I won’t be putting in the time to create the kind of following necessary to make it “big” in the blogging world.  I’ll probably miss out on comments, engaging with social media people, and the like.

And I’m fully aware that this doesn’t line up with common blog-building advice.  If you want a huge blog that earns decent money, you have to spend 20-40 hours per week developing your online presence.

There’s nothing wrong with that, as long as you’re ready to work a full-time job, and your family is on board with being the subject of a lot of your articles.

The bigger picture

If I had to choose today between never writing another post, or never spending another day as a mom, obviously I would give up blogging in a heartbeat.  Being a mom is where my heart is.

That has to come through in your writing.  If you’re not actively trying to build a mom-blog empire, then you need to constantly take inventory of your motives and habits driving your site.  If you’re focusing on being a mom first, and serving your readers by sharing insight, then you’re on the right track.

However, if you’re always reading up on growing an Instagram kingdom, or how to write to please the masses and Google, you need to re-calibrate.  Being pseudo-famous online isn’t’ going to matter when you’re 80 and looking back at the time when your children were little and begging for your attention.

Call to action

#IslandTimeParenting is all about getting back to your foundation.  Don’t get so lost in writing about being a mom, that you forget to shut the laptop and enjoy being a mom.

And yes, absolutely spend time making your website and content awesome.  Take great pictures.  Come up with engaging Instagram posts and chatty tweets.

Just be aware that there is always more you can do to promote and improve your online presence, but the time you spend there is time you never get back with your kids.  Don’t give up memories with them for stats from strangers.


So relax.  Go barefoot.  Parent on island time.


Franklin D. Roosevelt (4)

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