If You Give A Kid A Camera- Top 10 Photos

Have you ever experienced the moment when proud mom meets OCD mom?

Like, when your little daughter wants to help rinse dishes, and sneezes on a clean plate while putting it in the drying rack? Your inner proud mom is so glad she’s giggling and helping. But… your inner OCD mom is dying because… yeah.

I have to sit back an reevaluate when I’m blogging. I want to write about how incredible my life and my kids are, but sometimes I get so focused on writing about my kids that I forget that they are kids.

We live in a touristy area (Avalon, CA), and I see people posing for pictures all the time. The other day, I saw a mom posing her son for a photo. It went something like this:

“Honey, lean in a little and look at that tree and smile.”

“Mom, can we get ice cream?”

“Look over there and smile! I need to get this picture for Instagram.”

“Mom, can we get ice cream?”

“I. Need. To. Get. This. Picture. For. Instagram!”

“Mom… can we get ice cream?”

They left and got ice cream.

I think all of us mloggers (mom bloggers) can relate on some level. There’s a lot of pressure to write the perfect post with spectacular photos. Sometimes, I forget I’m not famous. I’m not writing a million-dollar blog. I’m writing a negative forty-nine dollar blog. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

So, I decided to let my kids take the photos for this post. They want to “be like mom” so I gave them the camera and a half-hour time limit.

I’ll spare you the full 1,255 pictures that they took. Here’s the best 10-unfiltered:

Notice the marker- I’ve given up on that front.
Best climbing tree ever!
Cute little yellow rustbucket.
Out of 437 slide pictures, this was the best.
Long walk- tired little girl.

And there we have it! The top 00.79% of 1,255 photos. My daughters can now see their first official “blog post”, and my inner OCD can take a backseat to the proud mom with creative little girls.

What happens when your kids take the pictures?

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