Campus By The Sea

My family lives at Campus By The Sea, a Christian camp on Catalina Island, California.

The camp is part of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, and we host lots of college groups throughout the year.

We also serve guest groups throughout the year, and we offer a programmed Family Camp every summer.

Life here is incredible.  The wildlife on the island is one-of-a-kind, which is super exciting for a nerd like me.  There are many rare plants that the Catalina Island Conservancy are actively protecting, and we have a herd of wild bison that roam the island.  Sometimes, they even take a nap in our volleyball courts.

The only way to get to the camp is by boat.  That includes us staff members.  Groceries, doctor’s appointments, church; everything is by boat.  Unless you take the crazy trek to Avalon.

We have an incredible setting for unplugging from the world and getting back in touch with God.  Between the 24/7 coffee bar, walking barefoot in the sand, and listening to the waves crash on the rocks, it’s basically paradise.  Add your Bible in hand, and it’s quite possibly a near-heaven experience.

I get a lot of inquiries about homeschool field trips, family camping trips, guest group reservations, and family camp bookings.

If that’s why you’re here, please contact Shane Sabicer- he’s the man with the answers.

Shane Sabicer (310) 510-0015

And please, come visit!

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